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Indian begin mass production of iPhone 15

Apple's strategy to expand manufacturing operations in India accelerates with the production launch of iPhone 15 at a Tamil Nadu facility, reducing dependency on China.

In a significant move, Apple has initiated the manufacturing of its latest iPhone 15 model at a Foxconn plant in Tamil Nadu, India. This step aims to bolster the production of iPhones within the country and decrease the time difference between its operations in India and China.

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To counter the supply chain challenges arising from trade tensions with China, Apple has been proactively diversifying its manufacturing base. Collaborating with Taiwanese suppliers, the company is focusing on high-end manufacturing in India. This strategic shift is supported by incentives from the Modi administration, which have facilitated Apple’s gradual expansion in the Indian market.

Previously, Apple’s iPhone production in India was limited, resulting in a considerable lag compared to China’s output. However, this gap has significantly diminished over the past year. By March, Apple managed to manufacture 7% of its iPhones in India. The goal for this year is to further narrow the shipment timing disparity between India and China. The extent of iPhone 15 production in India depends on imported components’ availability and the successful scaling up of production lines at the Foxconn facility in Chennai. The outcome remains uncertain in achieving shipment parity with China.

Apple’s endeavors extend beyond iPhones, as it plans to commence AirPods wireless earbuds production at Foxconn’s Hyderabad plant. This expansion involves a substantial investment of $400 million and aims to kick off large-scale production by December 2024.

As Apple accelerates its efforts to diversify manufacturing and reduce supply chain risks, the company’s commitment to India’s market growth becomes increasingly evident, setting the stage for a more balanced global production network.

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