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Users express frustration as X faces backlash for abandoning its iconic bird logo

The Chaotic Transformation of Twitter into 'X' Leaves Users Baffled and App Store Rankings Plummeting

Twitter’s rebranding as X under the guidance of Elon Musk has hit a stumbling block, as the social media platform saw a decline in downloads and faced criticism due to confusion caused by the new name and logo. In response to user complaints, X has now added “formerly Twitter” to its App Store description.

Following the chaotic rebrand, X experienced a significant drop in downloads on Apple’s app store. Media strategist Eric Seufert analyzed the data and found that X fell from the 35th most downloaded app to the 54th immediately after the name and logo change. Users were reportedly baffled by the disappearance of the classic bird logo, contributing to this decline.

Elon Musk announced the rebranding in July, declaring that X would bid farewell to the Twitter brand along with its feathered symbol. A recently published biography of Musk revealed his disdain for the Twitter logo and his determination to eradicate it entirely after taking over the company.

The decision to rebrand has undoubtedly caused confusion among Twitter users, with some stating that the new X logo resembled that of a pornographic website. Marketing experts criticized the rebrand as “completely irrational” and cautioned that it could potentially diminish the social media platform’s value by billions.

Former Twitter employees also joined the chorus of criticism, with one likening the rebranding to “corporate seppuku,” a reference to the ritualistic suicide samurais once practiced. The negative reception prompted X to modify its app store description from “Blaze your glory” to “Formerly Twitter.”

While X has not provided an immediate comment on the matter, it is evident that the rebranding initiative has faced significant challenges. As confused users struggle with the new name and logo, X must address these concerns to regain its user base and restore confidence in its renewed identity.

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