Threads Overtakes X in App Downloads Amidst Strategic Growth Efforts

Threads, Meta’s new app aiming to rival Twitter, has witnessed a significant uptick in daily downloads. App intelligence firm Apptopia reveals a notable shift, with daily downloads soaring from 350,000 in early November to an impressive 620,000 as of November 23. This surge marks a reversal from Threads’ declining download trend since September.

While Meta’s strategic advertising campaign for Threads is believed to be a key factor in this resurgence, the numbers speak for themselves. Threads has outpaced X in terms of new downloads. Over the past few months, X managed 27 million new downloads, while Threads secured a more substantial 41 million.

This growth for Threads becomes even more noteworthy considering the inclusion of X’s app for emerging markets, Twitter Lite, in the metrics. Despite this, Threads maintains its lead, showcasing its appeal to users seeking an alternative to Twitter.

The resurgence in Threads’ popularity coincides with Meta’s efforts to expand its user base, and the addition of Walmart to its advertiser lineup appears to be a contributing factor. As Threads gains momentum, it underscores the evolving landscape of social media platforms and users’ shifting preferences.

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