Threads Update: Hide Like and Share Counts for a Stress-Free Sharing Experience

Instagram's standalone messaging app, Threads, now allows users to hide both Like and Share counts on their posts, providing a less pressure-filled environment

Threads has released an update that includes the ability to hide both Like and Share counts on posts. Previously, users could only hide Like counts individually. This new feature gives users the option to select “Hide like and share counts” on the post detail screen, allowing for a more customizable and relaxed app experience.

The option to hide engagement counts is part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts, and those of parent company Meta, to create a more welcoming and less judgmental in-app environment. In 2019, Instagram conducted a test with hidden like counts, which showed positive results in alleviating the pressure associated with public sharing. However, the project was temporarily put on hold due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, Instagram expanded the option to hide like counts for all users and incorporated it into its suite of well-being and management tools. Now, the same feature is being extended to Threads, which is a more open and public app compared to Instagram.

The ability to hide like and share counts can help alleviate anxiety and provide users with more control over their Threads experience. It offers a valuable option for those who prefer a more relaxed and private sharing environment. Users can apply this setting on an individual post basis or make it the default for all their posts in the app through the “Settings” and “Privacy” sections. It’s worth noting that if the default setting is enabled, it will also apply to Instagram posts.

This update is a minor yet significant enhancement that empowers users to better manage their Threads app experience by reducing the prominence of engagement metrics.

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