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Meta Removes Detailed Targeting Options for Ad Campaigns

Meta is removing sensitive targeting options to address concerns about discrimination and privacy

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is making changes to its ad targeting options. Starting January 15, 2024, they will be removing or consolidating some detailed targeting options, particularly those related to sensitive topics like health, race, and ethnicity. This move is aimed at addressing concerns about discriminatory targeting and privacy.

As explained by Meta: “Starting January 15, 2024, we’re removing or consolidating some detailed targeting options that relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive. Existing ad sets with impacted targeting options will continue to run until March 18 2024, but will require you to update your targeting selections. After this date, we will stop delivering ads to the discontinued detailed targeting options, and impacted ad sets may be paused.”

While Meta has not provided specific details about the categories being removed, this shift away from manual targeting could impact advertisers’ ability to reach specific audiences. However, Meta encourages marketers to rely on its broad targeting and Advantage+ options, which leverage the company’s automated ad targeting tools. These options often yield better performance by showing ads to users who may not have been specifically targeted.

As Meta continues to refine its ad targeting system, it appears that relying on its automated display options will become the primary approach for advertisers. Although Meta’s efforts aim to mitigate questionable audience targeting, it remains challenging to completely eliminate all forms of discrimination.

Advertisers affected by these changes will receive notifications in Ads Manager, warning them of the need to update their campaigns. Meta will also provide alternative targeting recommendations where possible.

This update underscores the evolving landscape of Facebook and Instagram advertising, prompting advertisers to adapt their strategies and embrace Meta’s automated targeting tools for optimal results.

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