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Twitter, Now Rebranded as ‘X,’ Gets Special Permission in Apple’s App Store

Twitter Receives Exception from Apple, Rebrands as 'X' on iOS App Store

Twitter, Now Rebranded as ‘X,‘ Gets Special Permission in Apple’s App StoreTwitter, the popular social network, has undergone a significant transformation and is now rebranding itself as ‘X.’ However, the process has not been without its challenges. One notable hurdle was the rule imposed by Apple’s App Store that forbids single-character app names. Despite this, the app has managed to secure a special exception from Apple, allowing it to be listed as ‘X’ in the iOS App Store.

The decision by Apple to grant this exception has raised eyebrows, as it might indicate a desire to maintain a positive relationship with the social network’s owner, Elon Musk. Not too long ago, Musk accused Apple of threatening to remove the Twitter app from the App Store. Following a meeting with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, Musk later clarified that it was merely a “misunderstanding.”

In conjunction with the rebranding, the company has also updated its tagline in the App Store from “it’s what’s happening” to “blaze your glory!” – a phrase Musk tweeted earlier. The transition to ‘X’ has been somewhat awkward, with the social network adopting a new interim logo that closely resembles a Unicode symbol, drawing attention to the change.

Notably, the official Twitter account on the network has also undergone modification, switching to the handle @X after reclaiming it from a user who had held it since 2007. However, there is still work to be done to complete the transition fully. The domain name is yet to redirect to, and references to “Twitter” still abound on the company’s support page.

Despite the hurdles, the rebranding process seems to be underway, and Twitter is steadily working towards becoming ‘X’ across all platforms. The special permission granted by Apple signifies a willingness to cooperate and avert any potential conflicts between the two tech giants.

Overall, this transformation reflects Twitter’s determination to reinvent itself as ‘X’ and opens up new possibilities for the platform’s future. Users can expect to see exciting changes as the social network continues to blaze its glory in the online world.

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