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Google's New Domain Trend: .ing Domains Are Now a Reality

Google Registry has unveiled a new top-level domain: .ing. This opens up a world of possibilities for domain buyers. You can now secure .ing domains during Google’s early access period, but there’s a catch – a one-time fee. However, the good news is that this fee decreases daily until December 5th, when .ing domains will be available to the public.

Curious to see what’s up for grabs, some at The Verge had fun trying various words with -ing endings on GoDaddy’s domain search. While some common words like “” and “” come with hefty price tags of $38,999.99 and $129,999.99 per year, there ar still affordable options out there. So, get ready for a domain name hunt.

But that’s not all Google Registry has in store. They are also working on a .meme top-level domain. Although it’s currently in a limited registration period, early access to .meme will be available from November 28th, with the domain open for everyone to register starting December 5th.

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