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Say goodbye to QR codes as Google Messages rolls out a new Google Account-based device pairing feature

Google Messages is now offering an updated feature called “Device pairing,” which replaces QR codes for easier account connection. Previously, we noted that had been updated to support Google Account integration, but the phone aspect was not yet available. However, the functionality is now being rolled out, allowing users to give it a try.

To initiate the process, users are prompted to confirm their Google Account (Gmail address) when accessing Messages on the web or through the Android tablet wrapper. After clicking “Continue,” users are then instructed to open their Messages app on their phone and match the emoji displayed on both devices.

The “Trying to pair another device?” sheet displays three character options to verify the pairing. Once completed, users will be successfully signed in to their account.

In addition to this convenient update, Google has made slight modifications to the Messages web user interface (UI). The navigation drawer that used to feature Archived, Spam & Blocked, Settings, and Unpair options is now integrated into the UI, replacing the previous overflow menu. However, the old UI with the overflow menu remains accessible for users who prefer using the QR code sign-in method, which is still fully functional.

During testing, it has been observed that only one browser instance can be active at a time, just like with QR codes. However, simultaneous pairing with a tablet is possible, and Google will specifically indicate which Android device is currently being used.

The updated Device pairing page in Messages confirms the rollout of the new Google Account experience. So far, this enhanced feature has only been observed on one device running the latest beta release.

With this new and simplified Google Account device pairing feature, users can enjoy a hassle-free process, eliminating the need for QR codes. Stay tuned for further updates as Google expands this feature to more devices and ensures a seamless messaging experience for all users.

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