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Twitter is Transforming Into a Video Powerhouse Step-by-Step

Twitter is aiming to transform itself into a more valuable platform for advertisers by incorporating more original video content.

New CEO Linda Yaccarino, known for her experience in building an ad-supported video platform at NBC’s Peacock service, is expected to bring her expertise into Twitter’s video offering. The goal is to merge Twitter’s popularity as a “second-screening” service with a more comprehensive entertainment solution, following the trend set by platforms like TikTok.

Twitter has introduced several new video elements to support this shift. Picture-in-picture (PiP) playback allows Twitter videos to continue streaming outside of the app, while improved screen mirroring integration makes it easier to cast Twitter videos onto TV sets. Additional responsive playback controls and an upfront Airplay button on iOS have enhanced the video viewing experience.

Furthermore, Twitter verified subscribers can now upload videos up to two hours in length, aligning with the platform’s broader creator monetization strategy and positioning Twitter as an entertainment destination in competition with YouTube and other platforms.

However, Twitter still has progress to make in terms of revenue generation compared to YouTube. Yaccarino’s focus is on developing improved full-screen, sound-on ads and attracting more celebrities and influencers to the platform to support the video push. The long-term vision is to create a full-screen video feed similar to TikTok, featuring exclusive Twitter content, with notable figures like Tucker Carlson already embracing Twitter as an alternative platform.

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Despite early attention for Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show, subsequent episode views have declined, indicating that users have yet to fully adapt their behaviors to embrace Twitter’s video-focused approach. Twitter’s ambition to merge real-time news with online video entertainment has been ongoing for years but has not yet succeeded. With Yaccarino’s leadership, Twitter aims to reshape user norms and integrate more video content into the app, presenting new opportunities for video ads and increased reach.

While there is work to be done, the framework is gradually taking shape, offering potential for expanded reach in Twitter campaigns. The platform’s transformation into a video powerhouse is a step-by-step process, with the goal of merging entertainment and commentary to create a unique user experience and attract advertisers seeking to tap into Twitter’s video potential.

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