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LinkedIn Records 'Record Engagement' Once Again Amidst Revenue Rise and Membership Uncertainty

LinkedIn's Engagement Soars, Revenue Rises, and Membership Numbers Remain Uncertain

LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, has once again reported ‘record engagement’ in their latest earnings announcement. While this has become a regular occurrence in their performance updates, the exact meaning of this claim remains somewhat unclear, as the platform has consistently used this phrase in almost every quarterly report since 2018.

However, certain indicators shed light on LinkedIn’s performance:

• A 22% increase in views of updates in the main feed year-over-year

•A 25% increase in public conversations in the app Year on Year

•Creation of newsletter  increased 10X in 2022

Despite a decline in overall ad spend, LinkedIn’s revenue grew by $197 million, primarily driven by heightened interest in its Talent Solutions recruitment offerings. The platform currently boasts 930 million members, although this number might be slightly inflated due to discrepancies in data from China’s withdrawal and other regions’ listed figures.

Nevertheless, the total member count may not be the best metric to gauge platform engagement or growth. Twitter, for instance, has around 250 million active users, but more than 1.5 billion inactive accounts. Relying solely on ‘member’ numbers might not accurately represent actual engagement.

For advertisers and businesses, what matters most is knowing which of their target audience members are actively using the platform. LinkedIn’s Audience Insights and company page analytics can provide valuable information about the specific active audience. Understanding this data can help inform marketing strategies and reach the people genuinely engaging with the business.

While LinkedIn’s overall reported stats may not provide a clear picture of its performance, utilizing audience-specific insights can offer more valuable guidance to businesses seeking to maximize their impact on the platform.

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