Telegram Enhances Channels with Exciting New Features to Outpace WhatsApp

Telegram, the messaging app on a quest for constant improvement, has introduced a slew of features to enhance user interaction with channels. Now, when joining a new channel, users receive suggestions for similar channels, optimizing content discovery.

In a move to rival WhatsApp, Telegram allows channels to spice up reactions with custom emojis and provides insightful statistics for stories. Channels, based on user boosts, unlock features like story posting. Premium users get one boost with their subscription.

Reposting stories is now possible, complete with added text, images, or video commentary. Telegram’s competitive edge extends to giveaways, a recent addition enabling channels to host contests and welcome new followers.

To cater to the broader user base, Telegram has extended the voice-to-text feature for audio messages to free users, offering two transcriptions per week. Other updates include improved code highlighting in messages, a two-sided wallpaper for premium users visible to both parties, and enhanced topic views in groups.

Facing competition from WhatsApp, which recently boasted 500 million monthly active users on its channels feature, Telegram’s innovative updates aim to keep its 800 million monthly active users engaged. As both platforms continue to evolve, users can expect more exciting features and enhanced interactivity in their messaging experiences.

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