Threads Empowers Users to Stop Content Sharing on Facebook and Instagram

In a move to put users in the driver’s seat, Threads, a product of Meta, is working on a new privacy setting called “Suggesting posts on other apps.” This setting will allow users to prevent their Threads posts from being recommended on Instagram and Facebook, giving them the power to keep their content from popping up on other users’ feeds.

Currently, if you have a public profile, Meta may suggest your Threads posts to other users on both Instagram and Facebook. This has led to users noticing Threads posts appearing within their feeds on these platforms. While Meta uses this feature to promote its X (formerly Twitter) alternative, it’s heartening to see that the company is working on an option for users to opt out.

Threads responded positively to a user’s complaint about their content showing up on Instagram and Facebook, assuring users that they are listening to feedback and continuously improving the platform.

This development reflects Meta’s commitment to providing users with more control over their content sharing, ensuring that what you post on Threads stays on Threads, without infiltrating your Facebook and Instagram feeds. With this new privacy setting on the horizon, users can enjoy a more personalized and secure experience on these social platforms.

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