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Meta to Discontinue Messenger Lite App for Android Users Next Month

Meta's decision to shut down Messenger Lite aligns with changing user needs and technology advancements.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently announced its decision to shut down the Messenger Lite app for Android users, effective September 18th. Messenger Lite, designed for those with limited device space and lower connectivity, will be sunsetted as Meta focuses on its broader network technology expansion.

Initially launched in 2016, Messenger Lite gained popularity with 50 million Google Play Store downloads a year later, meeting the demand for a simpler version of Meta’s messaging platform in various regions. However, with the advancement in network connectivity and the growing adoption of mobile devices, the need for a separate lite version has diminished over the years.

“Starting August 21, people using the Messenger Lite app for Android will be directed to Messenger or FB Lite to send and receive messages on Messenger.”

Users of Messenger Lite will be directed to use either the full-featured Messenger app or Facebook Lite for sending and receiving messages. While this decision is short on detail, it’s evident that Meta is aligning its products with the changing user landscape and the rise of more advanced options.

The discontinuation of Messenger Lite is in line with Meta’s efforts to streamline its offerings and reduce costs. While the impact of this change is expected to be limited due to the availability of more advanced alternatives, it marks a shift in Meta’s product strategy.

For some, opening the app today reveals a fullscreen “use Messenger to keep chatting” prompt. There will be no impact to conversation history: ‘We know your chats are important to you, so everything from Messenger

Notably, Facebook Lite remains a supported option for users seeking a more lightweight messaging experience. This change also comes as Meta plans to end support for SMS within the Messenger app in the coming month.

In essence, this move by Meta signifies the company’s acknowledgment of the changing digital landscape. As connectivity continues to improve and user preferences evolve, Meta’s decision to sunset Messenger Lite underscores the company’s commitment to providing more advanced and feature-rich messaging solutions through its main Messenger app and Facebook Lite.

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