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Jagat: The Social Map App Bringing Real-Life Connections Back to Your Phone

Discover the World and Connect with Friends on Jagat's Interactive Social Map

Jagat, a location-based social network unlike any other, is taking the world by storm with its focus on real-life connections. Forget endless scrolling and curated feeds; Jagat is all about getting you off your phone and out exploring with friends and new people. Launched in March 2023, Jagat has already surpassed 10 million users globally, proving its appeal to a generation tired of traditional social media.

Think of Jagat as a social map for your life. See your friends’ locations in real-time, discover new spots and activities near you, and connect with people who share your interests. It’s like a combination of Google Maps and Snapchat, but designed for genuine encounters instead of fleeting moments.

Forget Facebook Groups. Jagat lets you organize local events and find communities based on your passions, whether it’s hiking, attending concerts, or even playing pickup basketball. The app’s interface is all about “people, not posts.” Real-time updates let you know what your friends are up to, and spontaneous meetups are just a tap away.

Jagat’s meteoric rise is no surprise. With 85% of its users belonging to Gen Z, the app has tapped into a generation yearning for authentic connections beyond the digital screens. Its success in countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam shows its appeal goes beyond borders.

The future is bright for Jagat. The app has already secured funding from Southeast Asian investors and is constantly adding new features to keep its community engaged. With its focus on real-life experiences and a user-friendly map interface, Jagat is well on its way to becoming the “default app for the next generation.

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