EthSign revolutionizes document signing with blockchain technology on popular messaging apps.

In a move to embrace the potential of blockchain technology, popular messaging apps Telegram and Line are integrating crypto features, including e-signing capabilities. EthSign, a Singapore-based startup backed by Sequoia Capital, aims to provide a web3 alternative to traditional e-signature services like DocuSign, offering enhanced transparency and trust.

With EthSign, signing contracts on the blockchain becomes a seamless process, promising improved identity authentication and a transparent history of interactions with signed documents. Unlike traditional e-signature providers, if EthSign or the messaging app were to be shut down, the records of users’ signatures would not be lost, thanks to the distributed ledger technology. Furthermore, once a document is signed, the data becomes immutable, a standout feature of blockchain.

EthSign is currently deployed on Telegram and Line’s respective blockchain networks, TON and Finschia. Users simply need to connect their crypto wallets to the messaging apps to begin signing documents through EthSign, similar to using DocuSign.

Telegram users can access EthSign as a mini app, which notifies them of pending documents for approval. Upon opening a contract, users are prompted to connect their crypto wallets and sign at the bottom. EthSign securely accesses users’ wallet addresses to generate tamper-proof signatures on the blockchain.

With EthSign’s integration, Line and Telegram users gain the advantages of blockchain-powered e-signatures, ensuring a higher level of security, integrity, and permanence for their signed documents. The technology offers a promising alternative to traditional methods, strengthening trust and efficiency in the digital signing process.

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