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Microsoft Copilot Teams Up with Suno to Bring Music Creation to AI Chatbot

Microsoft Copilot integrates with Suno, allowing users to compose songs effortlessly with AI-generated music.

Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Copilot, has introduced a new feature in collaboration with GenAI music app Suno, allowing users to create songs with ease. By entering prompts such as “Create a pop song about adventures with your family,” users can witness their musical ideas come to life through Suno’s integration with Copilot. Using a plug-in, Suno can generate complete songs from a single sentence, including lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices.

To access the Suno integration, Copilot users simply need to launch Microsoft Edge, visit, log in with their Microsoft account, and enable the Suno plug-in or click on the Suno logo labeled “Make music with Suno.”

The collaboration between technology giants and startups in the realm of GenAI-driven music creation has been on the rise. Companies like Google AI lab DeepMind and Meta have also ventured into AI music generation. However, ethical and legal concerns surrounding AI-synthesized music remain unresolved.

One of the primary concerns is that AI algorithms learn from existing music, potentially infringing on copyright and intellectual property rights. Artists and creators may not consent to their music being used in AI training without compensation. The issue of fair use and compensation for artists is yet to be firmly established.

While Suno doesn’t disclose the source of its AI training data, it allows users to enter prompts referencing specific artists’ styles. However, the company claims to block certain prompts and prevents users from uploading lyrics to existing songs to generate covers.

As legal matters surrounding GenAI music continue to evolve, homemade tracks using AI to replicate familiar sounds have gained popularity but have faced scrutiny from music labels. The legal status of GenAI music may soon be clarified, with a Senate bill introduced to protect artists’ digital likenesses and musical styles from unauthorized usage.

In the meantime, Microsoft Copilot’s integration with Suno offers users a creative and accessible music-making experience, allowing individuals to explore their musical talents and ideas in an innovative way.

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