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TikTok Removes 1.4 Million Videos by Nigerian Users in Q3 2023

TikTok's latest report reveals removal of millions of videos, fake accounts, and spam activity, while revenue continues to soar.

TikTok, the popular short video platform owned by, has disclosed in its Community Guidelines Enforcement Report that it removed 1.4 million videos posted by Nigerian users during the third quarter of 2023. These videos were found to have violated TikTok’s policies on Integrity and Authenticity, Privacy and Security, Mental and Behavioral Health, Safety, and Civility, among others. Nigeria was listed among the top 50 countries from which policy-violating content originated during this period. Globally, a staggering 136.5 million videos were removed for policy violations.

As always, we remain vigilant in our efforts to detect external threats and safeguard the platform from fake accounts and engagement. These threats persistently probe and attack our systems, leading to occasional fluctuations in the reported metrics within these areas.Despite this, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promptly identify and remove any accounts, content, or activities that seek to artificially boost popularity on our platform. As we navigate an ever-evolving threat landscape, TikTok remains dedicated to preserving the integrity of our community and strengthening our cyber response to adversarial actors,” TikTok said.

Additionally, TikTok removed 73.6 million accounts identified as spam or fake during the same quarter. The platform remains committed to promptly detecting and eliminating accounts, content, or activities that aim to manipulate popularity artificially. The company also took action against 348.7 million likes, 211.3 million fake followers, and 7.2 billion fake follow requests, all of which were determined to have been generated through automated or inauthentic means.

Furthermore, TikTok witnessed an increase in the volume of ads removed for violating its advertising policies during Q3 2023, with a total of 1.3 million ads being taken down. The platform continuously refines its systems to identify new patterns and ensure the removal of non-compliant ads. By upholding strict policies and enhancing detection mechanisms, TikTok strives to provide users with a trustworthy and enjoyable advertising experience that aligns with the values of its vibrant community.

Despite these content enforcement measures, TikTok remains one of the most widely used social media platforms globally, with its user-generated revenue continuing to soar. In 2023 alone, TikTok generated $3.8 billion in consumer spending from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, contributing to a total revenue of $10 billion. The platform achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the first mobile app to generate over $1 billion in worldwide consumer spending during a single quarter in Q1 2023.

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