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Nigeria Lags Behind in Internet Speed and Quality Rankings Across Africa”

Nigeria's struggle with internet speed mirrors broader challenges across Africa

A recent analysis by OpenSignal, a global insights provider, has revealed concerning findings about Nigeria’s internet speed and quality compared to other African nations. The report, based on data from March to May, highlights that Nigeria’s internet download speed is a mere 14.6Mbps, placing it far behind leading countries such as South Africa (27.3Mbps), Morocco (23.4Mbps), and Kenya (14.6Mbps).

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In terms of mobile experience, South Africa leads the continent with 50.9% of users enjoying consistent network quality, followed by Egypt (46%), Morocco (45.3%), Kenya (44.4%), and Tanzania (38.6%). Nigeria, unfortunately, ranks quite low with only 10.9% of users having a satisfactory mobile experience.

The report identifies several reasons for these disparities. In some markets, users are still heavily reliant on outdated 3G and even 2G networks, which significantly impact speed and performance. Limited spectrum bandwidth, infrastructure costs, and the use of older devices further contribute to the challenges.

The report underscores the importance of improving mobile connectivity, especially as many users in low and middle-income countries rely solely on mobile networks for internet access. The development of 5G networks has started in some African nations like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, though progress remains slow due to existing gaps in 4G coverage.

To address these issues, solutions such as solar-powered base stations in remote areas and the production of affordable smartphones are recommended. These measures can enhance connectivity, particularly in rural and remote regions where fixed broadband access is limited.

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