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Bluesky Reacts to Backlash, Allows Users to Opt Out of Public Web Exposure

Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform, is adjusting its course following user backlash against plans to expose posts on the public web. Originally set to launch a public web interface, Bluesky faced criticism as users expressed concerns about the lack of privacy controls. In response, Bluesky has delayed the public web view, emphasizing the importance of user feedback.

In a recent announcement, Bluesky revealed that the upcoming release won’t feature the public web view but will introduce an opt-out tool. This tool will specifically impact the logged-out view of the Bluesky app, offering users a way to maintain a level of privacy. However, Bluesky acknowledges that it can’t enforce this setting on third-party apps, highlighting the need for user profiles to have private options for comprehensive account privacy.

The decision to delay the public web interface aims to address user demands for privacy features before expanding the platform’s accessibility. Bluesky plans to share details on how users can utilize the opt-out tool and guide developers on ensuring compatibility with other apps.

As Bluesky navigates challenges, including competition from platforms like Threads, the delay in public web exposure reflects a commitment to user concerns. The evolving landscape of decentralized social media raises questions about Bluesky’s strategy compared to competitors supporting protocols like ActivityPub. While Bluesky has achieved milestones, including a one million user count, the platform faces scrutiny in the face of emerging alternatives like Mastodon and Threads.

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