You Can Share Your Screen While Video Calling on Whatsapp

Mark Zuckerberg has just annonced on his Instagram channel that they were adding a new feature to Whtatsapp. This feature will help people be able to share their screen while having a video call with friends, family or business associates.

He disclosed this sharing a photo with the caption “We’re adding the ability to share your screen during a video call on WhatsApp”.

This new update seem like a game changer, solidifying the presence of Whatsapp as one of the apps that one can sociailze and do business on.

You may recall that Meta’s WhatsApp emerged as a revolutionary messenger app when it was launched. Connecting hearts and lives across the globe. The app brought a spark of magic, weaving friendships and rekindling old bonds. But the story doesn’t end there.

Its first update brought emojis, transforming simple texts into vibrant expressions. Users found themselves laughing with tears of joy and sharing heartwarming smiles as emojis

Then came the era of voice messages. WhatsApp became a tapestry of voices, where laughter, encouragement, and love transcended written words. Conversations felt more real, bridges were built, and distances were shortened.

Video calling was the next milestone. Families separated by oceans gathered virtually around a single screen, sharing milestones and fun moments. Friendships, once bound by texts, now revel in spontaneous face-to-face chats.

Even though Mark Zuckerberg is ready to fight with Elon Musk, with each update, WhatsApp has evolved. Group chats evolved into communities, where people discussed shared passions and supported each other. The introduction of disappearing messages brought an air of mystery, a digital secret between friends.

But it wasn’t just about features. WhatsApp’s commitment to privacy and end-to-end encryption became its hallmark. Users felt safe sharing their thoughts, dreams, and confidences, knowing their conversations were theirs alone.

We think that this new feature is a step in the right direction for Meta. What do you think?

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