Mark Zuckerberg Ready for Fight with Elon Musk, Doubts August 26th Date

Preparations for Zuckerberg-Musk Battle Face Hurdles as Meta CEO Voices Doubts

In a lively online exchange, Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his eagerness to face off against Elon Musk in a cage match. While Zuckerberg proposed August 26th for the showdown, he voiced skepticism that Musk would confirm. Sharing a screenshot of Musk’s social media post about weightlifting preparations, Zuckerberg remarked, “Not holding my breath.

“Not holding my breath,” said Zuckerberg in a Sunday post on Threads that included a screenshot of Musk’s post on X / Twitter about lifting weights to prepare.

Musk, however, hinted at potential setbacks, mentioning the need for a neck and upper back MRI that might affect the fight date due to the possibility of surgery. Further fueling the debate, Musk announced plans to livestream the fight on X / Twitter, with proceeds benefiting charity for veterans.

Zuckerberg wasn’t shy about challenging Musk’s choice of platform for the livestream, suggesting a more reliable option that could better support charity fundraising. The Meta CEO cleverly referenced Musk’s past controversies, likening the agreement to Musk’s infamous “funding secured” tweet that led to legal troubles.

Despite uncertainties, Zuckerberg emphasized his passion for the sport and his willingness to compete against dedicated opponents. This ongoing exchange follows Zuckerberg’s initial acceptance of Musk’s challenge in June, later expressing doubts among Meta employees in July.As the banter continues, speculation surrounding the fight’s outcome has emerged. Musk playfully remarked that a shorter match might favor him, while a longer battle could give Zuckerberg the edge in endurance.

“If the fight is short, I probably win,” he said in a post on Sunday. “If long, he may win on endurance.”

While both tech giants engage in this playful rivalry, a spokesperson for Meta declined to provide additional comments, and X / Twitter has no official press department. The coordination of the fight between Zuckerberg and Musk has also caught the attention of UFC’s Dana White, but no official word has been shared.

Stay tuned as these tech titans prepare for a unique face-off that has captured the imagination of many, with the date and livestream platform yet to be determined.

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