X is committed to making X Premium a more valuable service for its subscribers

New ad option allows marketers to reach X's most engaged users

X is giving advertisers a new way to reach its most engaged users with the launch of targeted advertising for X Premium subscribers. This new option allows marketers to target their ads to the subset of X users who pay for the platform’s premium tier, which includes features like ad-free browsing and access to exclusive content.

Reaching Active Spenders

X Premium subscribers are likely to be more receptive to advertising than the platform’s general user base. They are already invested in X and are more likely to be open to trying new products and services. Additionally, X Premium subscribers tend to have higher incomes than the average X user, making them a valuable target for marketers.

How it Works

To target X Premium subscribers, advertisers simply need to select the “X Premium” checkbox in the platform’s ad targeting settings. This will ensure that their ads are only shown to users who are subscribed to the premium tier.

There is one caveat to consider: X Premium currently has a relatively small user base. Less than 1% of X users are currently subscribed to the premium tier. This means that the reach of targeted advertising campaigns for X Premium subscribers will be limited.

X’s Ambitions

X is hoping that targeted advertising for X Premium subscribers will help it to boost its premium subscription revenue. The platform is also hoping that this new ad option will make X more attractive to advertisers, who may be hesitant to advertise on the platform due to its recent controversies.

It remains to be seen whether targeted advertising for X Premium subscribers will be a success. However, this new option is a sign that X is serious about its push to make more money from subscriptions. If X can continue to add value to its premium tier, it may be able to attract more subscribers and make targeted advertising a viable option for marketers.

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