Facebook Tracks Your Clicks: Link History Coming to Everyone Soon

Meta confirms that Facebook's Link History archive will soon be available to all users on mobile devices, allowing easy access to previously visited links.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been gradually introducing the Link History option to selected regions in recent months. Now, Meta has officially announced that all users will soon have access to the Link History archive on Android and iOS devices, with desktop availability to follow.

Once enabled, Link History allows users to conveniently find and review links they have interacted with on the Facebook app. According to Facebook’s explanation, when Link History is turned on, any links tapped and visited within Facebook’s Mobile Browser will be saved for a period of 30 days.

As per Facebook:“You can choose to turn link history on at any time. When link history is on, any links that you’ve tapped inside of Facebook and visited in Facebook’s Mobile Browser will be saved here for 30 days.”

It can be a useful tool for locating a specific link that was previously seen on Facebook but whose details have become hazy. However, it should be noted that the app already offers the “Recent Ad Activity” feature, which tracks engaged ads. While Link History provides an additional way to monitor Facebook activity, it may not be considered a groundbreaking addition.

From Facebook’s perspective, Link History also offers another avenue for understanding user interests. As indicated in the announcement, Meta may utilize the Link History information to present users with more relevant ads within the app.

Although most users have become accustomed to this trade-off, it is important to recognize that the Link History feature could influence the ads displayed to individuals. Therefore, if users are unhappy with the ads they see, they can visit their “Ad Preferences” and delete any links that might impact their targeting.

Meta has not disclosed a specific timeline for the global rollout of the Link History Archive option. However, it is currently being expanded to all mobile users as part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance user experiences on the platform.

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