WhatsApp Beta now allows scheduling chat-based events

WhatsApp Beta Adds Chat-Based Event Scheduling Feature for Group Chats

WhatsApp has introduced a new scheduling feature called Event for group chats in beta, where users can now plan and organise chat-based events within the app. The new feature is only available to community groups. To create an event, users need to tap the attachment button in the message field, and then select the Event option. After the details of the event have been filled out, members of the group will see a message prompting them to update the app to accept or reject the invitation. The feature appears to be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring users’ privacy.

In a strategic move, WhatsApp is pivoting towards becoming a business-oriented app to rival some of the industry’s well-established competitors. The WhatsApp Beta updates signify the company’s direction, with a colour change of its verification badge from green to blue for business accounts, designed to align with Meta’s Verified program. WhatsApp is also rumoured to be testing a Status search feature that was unceremoniously removed following the introduction of WhatsApp Channels.

This feature complements the call scheduling feature added in August, which is similar to Zoom and Google Meet, as WhatsApp strives to keep things fresh with timely feature rollouts. WhatsApp remains one of the most widely used messaging apps globally, with this beta feature aimed at retaining users and maintaining its position among competitors in the sector.

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