Snapchat+ Unveils Exciting AI-Powered Features for Subscribers

Snapchat has just rolled out groundbreaking AI features for Snapchat+ subscribers, bringing a wave of creativity to users. Now, subscribers can easily generate and share AI-powered images based on text prompts. By clicking the “AI” button on their screen, users can choose from predefined prompts or enter their own, like “a dog sleeping on a rocket.” The app then transforms these prompts into vivid images, ready to edit, download, and share.

Notably, the update introduces the Dream selfie feature, allowing subscribers to use generative AI to create fantastical images of themselves and their friends. Imagine turning into mermaids with your friends in a selfie and sharing it on your story. Snapchat+ subscribers even receive one free pack of eight Dreams each month.

The release also includes an AI-powered extend tool, enabling users to enhance images by automatically zooming out and filling in backgrounds. If you captured a close-up shot of your dog, this tool seamlessly adjusts, providing a fuller picture.

While Snapchat hasn’t disclosed the specific AI model used, it emphasizes collaborations with various partners for foundational models. These features expand on Snapchat’s existing AI capabilities, such as AI-generated images from the My AI chatbot and the AI Dream feature.

Snapchat+, priced at $3.99 per month, boasts over 7 million subscribers, signaling robust growth. November marked a milestone with over $20 million in net revenue, showcasing sustained momentum. As these exciting features roll out, Snapchat+ continues to captivate users with its evolving AI magic.

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