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Threads to Fight Fake News with Fact-Checking in 2024 Meta's close friends

With two major elections looming in the US and India, Threads app is taking steps to address misinformation by introducing a fact-checking program in 2024. Currently, Threads relies on ratings from Facebook and Instagram, but soon fact-checkers will have dedicated tools to review and rate content directly within the app.

Additionally, US users will gain more control over fact-checked content, with the ability to increase, decrease, or maintain the level of demotion for such posts. These changes come at a time when Meta is cautious about amplifying news on Threads, yet acknowledges the importance of containing misinformation, particularly during election periods. Notably, the platform still restricts searches for terms like “covid” and “covid-19,” highlighting its ongoing efforts to combat misinformation.

“We currently match fact-check ratings from Facebook or Instagram to Threads, but our goal is for fact-checking partners to have the ability to review and rate misinformation on the app,” Adam Mosseri said in a post.

With new features like tags and trending topics on the horizon, users will have more ways to find and share information. These changes, coupled with the fact-checking program, demonstrate Meta’s proactive approach to preventing the spread of misinformation on Threads, a platform previously focused solely on close-friend interactions.

While the specifics of the program remain unannounced, several questions linger, such as how misinformation will be labeled and how accurate information will be presented. Regardless, Threads’ entry into the realm of fact-checking signals a significant shift for the app, moving beyond its initial focus on private communication and engaging with the broader issue of information accuracy.

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