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Samsung's Plea to Apple: Embrace RCS and End the Green Bubble Discrimination

Samsung's latest video highlights the need for cross-platform messaging compatibility

Samsung has joined forces with Google in a new campaign urging Apple to adopt RCS (Rich Communication Services), a more advanced messaging protocol that aims to replace SMS. In support of Google’s #GetTheMessage campaign, Samsung has released a heartfelt video titled “Green bubbles and blue bubbles want to be together.”

The video tells the story of two users, kept apart by one of their “parents,” who symbolize Apple’s iMessage. The reference to “green bubbles” represents the SMS messages sent by Android users, while “blue bubbles” represent the feature-rich iMessage experience enjoyed by Apple users. This divide is particularly frustrating in countries like the 0q, where iPhone and Android users are evenly split.

Apple’s reluctance to adopt RCS may be due to its desire to maintain ecosystem lock-in. However, the tech giant may soon be compelled to open up its messaging service as a result of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Regulators are currently scrutinizing whether iMessage qualifies as a “core platform service,” which could require Apple to offer interoperability with other messaging platforms.

RCS offers a host of features found in modern messaging apps, similar to Apple’s iMessage. It enables read receipts, typing indicators, high-quality images, and more. By embracing RCS, Apple could bridge the gap between its users and Android users, promoting seamless communication and ending the discrimination against “green bubbles.”

The video campaign by Samsung and Google aims to raise awareness about the benefits of RCS and encourage Apple to adopt it. The companies believe that every user deserves a consistent and feature-rich messaging experience, irrespective of the device they use.

As the world’s largest Android manufacturer, Samsung’s support for RCS provides further momentum to the #GetTheMessage campaign. With the EU investigating Apple’s messaging service, there may be a brighter future ahead where users of all platforms can enjoy seamless communication without being defined by the color of their messaging bubbles.

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