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Pebble, the Social Network with a New Identity and Unique Vision

Formerly T2, Pebble Embraces Change with a Fresh Identity

The social network previously known as T2, a contender for Twitter’s throne, has unveiled its new name: Pebble. The change stems from a desire to distance itself from the notion of being a mere Twitter clone. The company’s message to its users emphasizes the symbolism behind the name – a pebble, though small, sends ripples that shape the larger sea, akin to the impact of individual voices in the digital realm.

The shift also brings a revamped look and functionality to Pebble. Users can now explore a feature called “Ideas,” which suggests post ideas based on their conversations, bio, and connections. This enhancement aims to foster creativity and engagement within the community.

The decision to rebrand was motivated by a desire to move away from the original name, T2, which was considered too generic and uninspired. Upon discovering the Icelandic domain .is, Pebble seized the opportunity to establish a deeper connection with its user base by adopting the domain

Despite the name change, Pebble has wasted no time in adopting several of Twitter’s iconic features, such as the coveted verification checkmark and quote posts. This has set it apart from other Twitter alternatives like Mastodon and Bluesky, which lack certain functionalities. Pebble’s co-founders, Gabor Cselle and Sarah Oh, bring a wealth of experience, having previously been involved with major tech players like Twitter and Google.

With backing from notable figures like Bradley Horowitz, Rich Miner, and Katherine Maher, former CEO of Wikipedia, Pebble is poised for an exciting journey ahead. The $1.1 million in funding provides a strong foundation for the platform’s growth and development. As Pebble steps into this new chapter, its unique vision promises to offer users a fresh and distinctive social networking experience.

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