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Meta Removes Phone Notification Feature on Quest VR Headsets in v60 Update

In the recent v60 update for Meta’s Quest VR headsets, the tech giant has decided to discontinue a once-handy feature that allowed users to view smartphone notifications directly in their VR experience. This means Quest users will now have to lift their headsets or utilize passthrough functionality to check their phones, disrupting their virtual reality immersion.

While Meta hasn’t provided a clear reason for removing this feature, users are left grappling with the inconvenience of interrupting their VR activities to check phone notifications. Despite this setback, the v60 update brings some positive additions, including a layout utility app for measuring and visualizing real-world objects in your physical space.

For Quest 3 users, the full-color passthrough can still offer a glimpse of smartphone screens for light tasks, though the experience is reportedly challenging on Quest Pro and Quest 2 due to display limitations.

The update also introduces enhancements such as additional information on shared experiences in Quest profiles, boosted CPU and GPU speeds for mixed reality applications on the Quest Pro, and the option to secure cloud backups with end-to-end encryption using a PIN.

While users may be disappointed by the removal of the notification feature, the v60 update brings a mix of improvements to the Meta Quest experience. Keep an eye out for the update, as Meta assures users it will be available shortly.

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