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ChatGPT Faces Possible Bankruptcy Against 2024

Declining User Engagement and High Operating Costs Raise Concerns Over OpenAI's Financial Viability Amidst Microsoft's Backing

In a recent report by Analytics, it has been speculated that OpenAI, the mastermind behind ChatGPT, might face financial challenges leading to potential bankruptcy by the close of 2024. The report highlights a noticeable decline in user engagement on the platform since May 2023.

Backed by Microsoft, OpenAI made waves in the field of artificial intelligence in December 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT. This AI chatbot swiftly gained popularity, captivating global attention and regulatory scrutiny alike. ChatGPT quickly rose to prominence, becoming synonymous with cutting-edge generative AI technology.

However, sustaining ChatGPT’s operations comes at a steep cost of $700,000 per day. These expenses have been supported by Microsoft and other recent investors, whose pockets might face depletion if profitability is not achieved soon, the report suggests. Despite OpenAI’s projection of hitting the $1 billion mark in 2024, it is primarily Microsoft’s substantial $10 billion investment that is currently upholding the company’s financial stability.

OpenAI had made a strategic move towards a paid subscription model, aiming to turn the tide in terms of profitability. This, coupled with revenue generated from APIs and utilization of the GPT-4 based chatbot, would have provided a potential boost to the company’s financial health.

As the technology landscape evolves, the future of OpenAI and ChatGPT remains uncertain. The company’s financial outlook hangs in the balance, heavily reliant on its ability to achieve profitability and navigate the challenges posed by operating costs. The impact of these potential developments extends beyond the tech industry, potentially reshaping the AI landscape and its accessibility.

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