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Apple and Google Diverge in App Choices for 2023, Ignoring ChatGPT's Success

In the annual ritual of celebrating top apps and games, Apple crowned AllTrails as the iPhone App of the Year, while Google honored Imprint: Learn Visually as its best app for 2023. The common ground for both tech giants was Honkai: Star Rail, selected as the Game of the Year.

Surprisingly, Apple broke its tradition by not highlighting cutting-edge or recently launched apps. Instead, it recognized well-established apps like Duolingo and Flighty alongside AllTrails. Notably, neither Apple nor Google chose an AI app as their top pick, overlooking the rapid success of ChatGPT’s mobile app.

Both companies, however, acknowledged generative AI as the “Trend of the Year,” emphasizing its impact on app development. While Google allowed users to vote for their favorites, ChatGPT secured the User’s Choice App of the Year title. Apple, on the other hand, avoided naming an AI app among its Cultural Impact winners.

Google’s approach included spotlighting “multi-device” apps, with Spotify winning as the best multi-device app. In the User’s Choice category, ChatGPT claimed victory, affirming its popularity among users. Despite the success of ChatGPT and other AI apps, Apple and Google opted for different winners, showcasing the diverse landscape of app preferences.

Both companies recognized a range of apps in various categories, with notable mentions for those that didn’t secure the top spot. While Apple’s winners covered diverse areas, Google’s list included Meta’s WhatsApp, demonstrating a less contentious relationship compared to Apple’s rivalry with Meta.

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