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Google Faces Setback in Race Against OpenAI's ChatGPT

Google has postponed the highly anticipated launch of its Gemini generative AI tool, initially scheduled for this year, to January 2024. The delay stems from Google’s uncertainty about Gemini’s ability to effectively handle non-English queries, a critical aspect for its global audience. The decision, made by CEO Sundar Pichai, reflects Google’s commitment to ensuring the tool’s proficiency in multiple languages.

The Gemini events, touted as Google’s most significant product launch of the year, were poised to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Despite limited promotional efforts, the delay marks a setback for Google in its pursuit to compete with OpenAI, especially following recent breakthroughs in ChatGPT’s capabilities.

This development highlights Google’s challenges in keeping pace with OpenAI, despite its substantial resources and technological expertise. Notably, it’s the second time in weeks that Google has delayed the Gemini events. OpenAI’s reported breakthrough in generative AI, enabling problem-solving beyond training data, adds further pressure on Google to innovate.

The delayed launch is expected to impact Google’s integration of Gemini’s AI capabilities into products like Search, Google Assistant, and Google Docs. Users can anticipate AI updates in early 2024. The postponement underscores Google’s effort to refine Gemini’s language capabilities before a high-stakes launch.

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