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X Unveils 'Highlights' Tab for Premium Users

Twitter introduces the game-changing 'Highlights' tab, allowing paid users to showcase their best posts in a dedicated section on their profiles. Discover how this feature enhances user control and engagement

Twitter has unveiled an exciting feature for its paid subscribers – a ‘Highlights’ tab that lets them showcase their top posts. This innovative addition aims to offer users more control over their profile content and display multiple noteworthy posts in a dedicated section.

The social platform has recently updated its support page for X Premium subscribers, providing details about this new feature. The ‘Highlights’ tab enables users to spotlight their best content, ensuring that it garners attention and remains easily accessible on their profiles. This feature serves as an enhancement to the existing option of pinning a single tweet to the profile.

While the ability to pin a single tweet has been available before, the ‘Highlights’ tab now allows users to compile and feature multiple tweets worth of content. This feature can prove beneficial for various individuals, such as artists looking to showcase their artwork or authors seeking to spotlight their popular articles.

To add a post to the Highlights tab, subscribers can simply tap on the three-dot menu of a post and select the “Add/remove from Highlights” option. This user-friendly process empowers users to curate their profile content according to their preferences.

In a strategic move to further incentivize users to opt for its premium service, the company has also made TweetDeck exclusively available to subscribers. This step aims to encourage more users to embrace the benefits of the premium offering.

X’s growth strategies extend beyond the introduction of the ‘Highlights’ tab. The company has experimented with various tactics, such as sharing ad revenue with subscribers and integrating community posts into the algorithmic “For You” timeline. However, the platform faced controversy when it temporarily slowed down the opening time for links to platforms like The New York Times, Threads, and Bluesky. It remains uncertain whether this was an intentional change or a technical glitch causing the delays.

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