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Jeff Bezos’s Long-Lost Biological Father Never Knew He Was the Amazon Founder

The poignant story of Jeff Bezos discovering his biological father's identity decades after being given up for adoption.

In a captivating twist to Jeff Bezos’s incredible success story, it was revealed that his biological father, Ted Jorgensen, had no knowledge of his son’s rise to become one of the world’s richest men. Bezos grew up believing his stepfather, Miguel Bezos, was his true father, while Jorgensen remained in the dark about his connection to the billionaire.

At the tender age of one, Bezos’s mother, Jackie, left her marriage with Jorgensen, leaving him unaware of the child’s existence. Jorgensen, a respected bike shop owner in Arizona, led a modest life and was admired by his community for his kindness and generosity.

Meanwhile, Bezos was raised by his mother and stepfather, who went on to become significant figures in his life. Bezos has often spoken highly of Miguel’s influence and credits him for his entrepreneurial drive. In fact, Bezos and his mother provided the initial financial support that fueled the launch of Amazon.

It wasn’t until 2012, when author Brad Stone unearthed the truth and located Jorgensen, that the long-lost father finally discovered his famous son. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jorgensen expressed regret for not being the father and husband he wished he could have been. The revelation brought him to tears as he saw photographs of the son he never knew.

He said, “I don’t think he will come to me now. I haven’t heard a word from him or had any sign that he wants to connect with me. I hoped with the publicity it might happen but I can’t blame him. I guess I wasn’t a very good father.”

Despite Jorgensen’s hopes for a reconnection and Bezos’s reported attempts to reach out, a meeting between father and son never materialized. Jorgensen passed away in 2015, burdened by the sorrow of never having spoken to his son.

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