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Coming Soon: Access Your Google Messages Anywhere, Anytime!

Google is working on an update for Google Messages, allowing users to access their conversations and RCS chats across multiple devices.

Google Messages is soon expected to offer a new feature that will enable users to access their messages and RCS chats on various devices. Currently, the app is limited to your primary phone, but Google seems to be removing this limitation. While there is a workaround involving Messages for Web, the upcoming update will allow direct usage of the Google Messages app across multiple devices, similar to WhatsApp.

According to recent code findings by feature hunter AssembleDebug, Google will utilize your phone number and Google account for the synchronization of Google Messages across different devices. This aligns with the fact that RCS chats are tied to your phone number, which is verified when opting in for them in Google Messages.

Once the new multi-device feature is activated, you will be able to use Google Messages on secondary phones or Android tablets without the need to physically switch your primary SIM card. This functionality appears to resemble WhatsApp’s multi-device connectivity, which permits message syncing across up to four devices. Whether Google Messages will impose a limit on the number of devices remains uncertain.

The release date for the multi-device feature has not been announced yet. However, this highly anticipated update is expected to be significant for Google Messages users. We will closely monitor any developments regarding this update, as it promises to enhance the messaging experience by allowing seamless access on various devices.

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