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Pimento: AI-Powered Creativity Unleashed in $3.2M Funding Boost

French startup Pimento has harnessed the power of generative AI to streamline the initial stages of creative projects. Recently securing a $3.2 million funding round from investors including Partech and Cygni Capital, Pimento aims to redefine how creative teams approach ideation and mood boarding.

Pimento, a rising star in the French startup scene, is changing the game for creative teams tackling projects like brand redesigns, ad campaigns, video games, or animation movies. Traditionally, teams faced challenges in compiling reference materials, often experiencing back-and-forth adjustments with clients or managers. Pimento seeks to simplify this process, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance creativity.

Unlike conventional tools such as Pinterest or Figma, Pimento stands out by tailoring its output to a user’s initial brief. Co-founder Tomás Yany highlights the advantage, stating that AI models bring a wealth of knowledge, having been trained with diverse data sources, including Japan and Latin America.

The tool operates by allowing users to input project instructions and a few initial images. Pimento then employs AI models to generate relevant images, text, and colors. Notably, everything generated is tied to the user’s original brief, serving as a personalized creative companion. Users can iterate on Pimento’s output, merging images, selecting colors, reusing text, or requesting more variants.

Looking ahead, Pimento plans to introduce additional features, such as customizable boards for team collaboration. The recent funding injection is expected to fuel further product development, with Pimento poised to make waves in how companies approach and execute creative projects.

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