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Bluesky Celebrates 1 Million Users Milestone, Setting It Apart from Threads

Exploring the Strategies Behind Two Social Media Apps' Milestone Achievements

Bluesky, the rising social media platform, recently reached a significant milestone with 1 million registered users. Unlike Threads, its competitor, Bluesky opted for a more exclusive approach, granting access through invite codes and a waitlist system. This deliberate strategy ensured a controlled and engaged user base as the platform scaled up.

Interestingly, Bluesky’s initial success was in app downloads, surpassing 1 million installations back in July. However, the recent achievement signifies that 1 million individuals were able to actively create accounts, not just download the app. Rose Wang, instrumental in Bluesky’s strategy and operations, clarified this distinction in response to inquiries.

In contrast, Threads, Meta’s own contender to Twitter, adopted a different tactic. Leveraging its existing Instagram user base, Threads experienced an explosive surge in sign-ups on launch day, amassing a staggering 30 million users in under 24 hours. Within five days, Threads exceeded the 100 million mark.

Despite this impressive early growth, Threads has experienced a decline in user activity, leaving questions about the platform’s long-term cultural impact. In stark contrast, Bluesky has cultivated a distinct subculture marked by surreal memes, dedicated posts, and a unique sense of humor.

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