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Twitter Introduces Revenue-Sharing Program for Nigerian Creators

Twitter's Revenue-Sharing Program Empowers Nigerian Creators

Twitter has launched a program in Nigeria aimed at monetizing content for creators on its platform. This initiative allows eligible Nigerian users to receive payments based on ad revenue. The program was first introduced in the United States for Twitter Blue subscribers (now known as X Premium) by owner Elon Musk earlier this year and has now expanded to Nigerian creators.

Several verified Nigerian users have already reported receiving notifications about incoming deposits, with one creator claiming they are set to earn over N430,000. These earnings are determined by the inclusion of ads in replies to eligible users’ content.

To be eligible for this program, users must meet specific criteria set by Twitter. They need to subscribe to Twitter Blue, have earned more than five million tweet impressions per month for the last three months, and have a Stripe payment account.

The program aims to incentivize creators who produce popular content that drives ads, allowing them to earn a portion of the ad revenue generated from replies to their posts. It’s important to note that not all types of content can be monetized. Twitter’s content monetization standards prohibit the monetization of sexual content, copyrighted materials owned by others, content related to pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes, violence, criminal activities, gambling, and drugs or alcohol. Attempts to monetize such content will be flagged.

By launching this initiative, Twitter provides Nigerian creators with an opportunity to monetize their content and generate income from their contributions. This not only benefits the creators themselves but also promotes the creation of engaging and valuable content that attracts advertisements, ultimately increasing revenue for Twitter.

This revenue-sharing program presents a significant opportunity for Nigerian content creators on Twitter to earn income and advance their digital careers.

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